Jul 122010

As I posted a few weeks ago, the GM bug has been gnawing at me. Since the Dresden Files RPG has hit the shelves, a few more ideas have crept into my little brain.
One of the ideas I had been playing around with is running a horror campaign. I had originally planned on using Savage Worlds for this but after reading the DFRPG I think it might work better. But wait, you say, Dresden Files is an urban fantasy game. Oh so true but there’s really not that much difference. You’ve got all the pieces you need twist and mold the DFRPG into game of monster hunting horror. You’ve magic, monsters, psychic abilities and a whole cornucopia of weirdness to throw at mortal characters.
So why in the world would abandon my old favorite of Savage Worlds for FATE? In this case, I just think that FATE is better choice. The mechanics of Aspects through out the system lend itself much better to manipulating player characters into making those non-optimal moral decisions. FATE also lends itself to a much narrative style of play which I think is key to setting mood and building the tension. Also, I think FATE is going to be better at handling combats against Big Bads than Savage Worlds. No Acing Head Shots of Doom.
What really separates urban fantasy from horror in this case, is mood, perception and power level. Compared to a normal Dresden Files campaign, player characters would barely register as any sort of power. Maybe a psychic power or a little bit ritual magic and that would be about it. Just enough to set them a part for the run of mill mortals but not enough so that even minor supernatural threats would still be really dangerous.

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