Dec 132012

The FATE Core Kickstarter is the current buzz. I’ll be honest at first I didn’t quite get FATE but then the little light bulb went on. And if anything I feel this game has made me a better GM and player.
As a GM, the collaborative world building is an easy way to get player investment. As an added bonus, it takes off some of the burden of world creation off the shoulders of the GM and lets the players say what they want in the campaign. It gives the players a sense that the characters are actually part of the world and have some sort of history and connection.
When it comes to actually running an adventure (just like Savage Worlds), FATE has taught me not to sweat the little shit. You know that’s one of the things that really started to annoy me with Pathfinder. A butt load of different “Conditions” that were only slightly different when it came to game mechanics. Screw it. Keep it simple. Keep rolling. Keep playing. Looking up the exact wording of a particular little tweak is pretty much a waste of time. And it’s pretty damned boring.
As a player, Aspects are a quick and easy way to outline a character. Even if it’s a game that we aren’t using Aspects. Just a little 3 x 5 index card can serve as outline for my character beyond a bunch of numbers.
So even if you aren’t into FATE there’s still something there that can help out in other games. Crap, you don’t even have to use the exact crunchy bits, just give it look and apply some of the philosophies. It just might save a little bit of time and headache.

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