Apr 202016

SyFy has been doing a good job of late. Killjoys, Dark Matter, and The Expanse all rocked. Then comes along Hunters. Yes, it is based on a novel and I haven’t read it. So I have no idea how closely the TV series matches up. So I’ll just talk about the show.
Here’s the elevator pitch. It’s like Men in Black but take out all the humor and pop culture references. It’s a secret government organizations hunting alien terrorists on Earth. Our main character is a vet with PTSD turned FBI agent whose wife gets kidnapped by the aliens. And thus he gets caught up in the whole fight the aliens thing. And we have to throw some mysteries to keep viewers coming back. First, we don’t know why the aliens are even here or bothering to mess with humans. The premier does give us the insight that the aliens are doing it because humans deserve it (according to the aliens anyway). We also learn that some how the aliens infiltrated the super secret government task force. But it’s either a red herring or they aren’t even trying to hide which character it is. Yeah. That’s it. Maybe some interesting characters would liven things up. Well, after just the premier, they’re really going to have to do something because right now, there aren’t any.
On one hand, the plot would make an interesting game but so far it hasn’t really made an interesting series. So I’ll give my usual three episode trial run and see what happens. But so far the Magic 8 Ball says, “Outlook is not good.”

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