Mar 032011

I tweeted this little thought a couple of days ago and it just stuck with me. Really people, it’s about time to just shut up and roll some dice.
Now I know that this troll bait but let’s face it. If so many people are concerned about the future of the hobby, wouldn’t it make more sense to encourage new players rather than bitch and whine about rules minutiae and dumb assed design and business decisions? If I was a brand new player with my shiny funny dice and crisp clean rule books and then accidentally wander on to a forum. I’d seriously start thinking about whether these are the kind of people I want to be around.
If you want to support the hobby I have a couple suggestions. One don’t be a jerk. Encourage new players. Maybe even recruit one now and then. How about that nifty idea of reading an RPG book in public. And this sounds really, really crazy. Play something else. Don’t just sit there and play one game by one publisher and bitch about everything else. Spread your horizons. Spread the wealth.
Seriously people. We’ve had enough with the bickering and comparing dick size.
And this got me thinking. Have some people gotten past the edition wars? No. Not at all. Let me put this delicately. It’s over quit your whining. You may hate the mechanics of but you know what, if somebody is enjoying a game then it’s a good game.
You may not like a business or design decision that some game company made. Tough. If it makes you so mad that you will never buy anything from them again then so be it. It doesn’t give the privilege of pissing all over somebody else’s fun.

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  One Response to “I may not like 4th Ed. but I like some the people who play it.”

  1. Amen brudda! I personally don’t like 4e, but I’ll support those who want to play it! We are all gamers!

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