Mar 052015

Grab your Mountain Dew, dice, and Cheetos! It’s time to celebrate.
Cheetos are one of those junk foods that are comfort food. Well, to me any way. I don’t really eat them all that often any more (maybe this weekend in celebration) but I have fond memories of those familiar orange finger print smears on old D&D character sheets. They’re like ramen. I don’t and shouldn’t eat it but I do. Some may say I’m too old to still enjoy things like Cheetos, Mountain Dew, Twizzlers and the list goes on. And before anybody goes there. I enjoy in moderation and no I am not obese. Shit the drinking and smoking will probably kill me sooner.

But I have matured. I want to do something a little more grown up with those bits puffed cheese-like goodness. I just my try a twist on this crazy recipe the crew at The Nerdist came up with. Hey, Sriracha for the win! Now, go out there and enjoy some junk food. You deserve it.

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  One Response to “It’s National Cheetos Day!”

  1. Haha nice! Thanks for that. I have not seen the Summoner Geeks in forever. Good times!

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