Sep 192012

It’s that time of year when geeks talk funny. OK, funnier than normal. But as you know everything is better with pirates. So I’ll take this moment to rant about what I think is the coolest pirate RPG out there.

That’s right. Pirates of the Spanish Main for Savage Worlds. It ain’t exactly historical but it’s close enough for my tastes. It hits that cinematic sweet spot. It has just enough of the supernatural to not quite be a horror or fantasy game. Ship combat and life is pretty easy and not a bookkeeping burden. Plus, it’s Savage Worlds and you really can’t go wrong with that.
So me mateys, grab your rum, cutlasses! We’re off for some lost treasure!

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  2 Responses to “It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day! Now Play One.”

  1. Totally agree! And when it comes to historical accuracy, it kicks 7th sea’s butt!

  2. Even more bonus if you can find some of those ship models!

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