Jan 072013

The holidays are done. The resolutions have probably already been broken. But the plans for all the neat stuff in the new year move on.
Of course, a case of the creeping crude which has not only impaired my ability to breath and sleep has shut down my brain as well. But the world moves on no matter what you feel like. So just a couple quick updates before I get back to coughing and sniffling.
Our Deadlands game is back and the fun continues. The Dresden Files game picks up this Friday with city and character advancement. That’s what’s going on now. Some time this year, I’m getting off my ass and getting another game going. Not sure if it will be face to face or via online. That’s what’s on the the hobby front.
I still have a bunch of things in the works for release. Work continues and judging by this post I really should try to write anything while the cold medicine still has me in it’s brain warping clutches. So, till next time.

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  2 Responses to “It’s that time of a new year. . .”

  1. Just wondering if you were going to post more of your dresden rpg sessions?

  2. Yep as soon as we have a new session. We had scheduled on for last week but due to player illness we cancelled it. But yes will there will be more.

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