Oct 042012

Besides all the usual Halloween festivities, I like to do a quirky horror movie marathon. And here’s a list of some fun ones that maybe you should go ahead and throw into your Netflix or how ever you manage to acquire movies. To help you out here’s some trailers. And yes, I actually have watched all of these movies. Hell, I even own a couple.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil: Hillbillies and psychokillers. What more could you want? And Browncoats that’s Wash.

Lo: A Story of Love and Demon Summoning. Kind of artsy but still pretty cool. It’s interesting how they made the movie look like play.

Repo: A Genetic Opera. Ok, a rock opera. Bonus Paris Hilton’s face falls off. Extra bonus for Buffy fans. Anthony Stewart Head.

Bloody Mallory: A low budget French film. Yeah, that’s right it’s from France.

I Sell The Dead: Maybe a little grave robbing is more your style.

Suck: What’s Halloween without at least one Vampire movie? This one has pretty good cast.

Lesbian Vampire Killers: OK maybe two vampire movies.

Haunted World of El Superbeasto: Hey, even a cartoon. A cartoon by Rob Zombie.

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  4 Responses to “It’s that time of year for some quirky horror movies”

  1. If I can throw a couple of out there suggestions into the mix, and if you can find them. Grimm Prairie tales is a killer little flick, full of fun thinks for Deadlands GMs to try out, and Razor Blade Smile. A British made schlok vampire flick. It’s kind of daft in places, but is still good fun.

  2. No problem. Suggest away!

  3. Oh, and the Rob Zombie movie is awesome!

  4. Yeah, think I watched that one on Netflix

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