Nov 152012

Here I am again talking about the Barebones Fantasy RPG by DWD Studios. This time it’s about Kerank Kingdoms, their first setting book.

I really have to congratulate the guys over at DWD. They’ve just hit all the right buttons. They’re interactive with their fans. The products have just the right price point. Heck for just under $15 you can get the core book and the setting plus a nice grouping of adventures. They’ve got it going hot.
Any way about Keranak Kingdoms. It’s for Barebones but still easy to use for whatever happens to your rules set de jour. The best thing is that they hit just the right amount of detail making easy for GM’s to throw in their own ideas or tweak an adventure to fit into the setting. It’s pretty much a standard fantasy setting with a few twists that make things interesting. You make look at that as good or a bad thing, that’s up to you. For me, it’s a nice sweet spot between the familiar and the inspirational. I think the strength of this product is not what does for you but what it let you do to it. It’s kind of one those Zen things, just think about it for a while.
Thrown in with bundle is not only the adventure seeds in the book but a full blown adventure, Trouble at Karam’s Claim. And maps. Boy do you get maps. There are eight versions of the world map. That’s right eight. Hexes, no hexes, Names, no names. Yeah, you gets maps that are going to be handy for any GM. Plus there’s also the detailed map of Keranak Provence. That’s what you get $4.99. It’s pretty darned good deal.
It’s available over at Drivethrurpg. Check it out.

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  2 Responses to “Keranak Kingdoms For Barebones”

  1. I believe it was one of your earlier posts about Barebones that got me to grab the pdf. I read it over and liked it quite a bit. I like how characters get a few things to make them interesting at creation but that the rules ease away from giving something at the gaining of a new level. To me that keeps the character sheet clean and speeds up game play.

    I also like the spells. A short list but each spell is generic enough that it could take several forms. I think it’s one of the highlights of their rules.

    I also like the multi-action option, where you can do several things on your turn with a penalty after the first action and the simplified monster stat blocks.

    The only things that I would consider negatives, and they’re not even really negatives; the grammar or explanation mistakes but as I see they are adressing those through the community and updating the changes to the PDF, and, I would have like a smidgen more on ships, and ship combat.

    Great little game I’ll be keeping my eye on.

    p.s. oh, also the community created docs for Barebones are outstanding.

  2. Thanks and I’m sure the guys at DWD are thankful too.

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