Oct 012012

It’s probably just me but in a way Kickstarter and other crowd funding sites are sort of taking the fun out of buying RPG’s.
Yeah, I know it’s really good for the publishers. They can market their product and do all sort of neat things by offering stretch perks and all that. But my whole thing is that it’s kind of taking the thrill out of looking for new RPG’s. The publishers put their best foot forward as soon as possible to reach their goals. Fans pony up their money and wait. Yes, you get updates and so forth. But what’s gone is that sense of anticipation.
Remember in the old days, a publisher would announce their product. As the publication date got closer, they’d release more and more goodies and teasers. It was fun. Excitement and buzz grew as a game got closer to hitting the shelves. People would start making wild speculations and hopes for that new game. You’d start planning a campaign even before you had it in your greasy little hands. There’s no planning a special trip to the FLGS to pick up that shiny new game the day it comes out. For me, it was fun.
Now there is a special kind of fun that does go with crowd funded projects. You get an email months later with the PDF of a game. Or you open the mailbox and damn there’s the book on the project that you forgot you had funded. So far, I haven’t had any buyer’s remorse about any of the projects that I’ve backed. Nor have I had that “Oh my god. Why did I back this in the first place?” feeling.
Crowd funding is here to stay. So looks like I’ll just have to adjust my own mentality.

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