Apr 022012

Well, there should be only about one more session of Kingmaker then it’s off to Deadlands. The game continues to be fun as we continued to stomp our through the Nymph Queens domain. And as I promised when this only whole thing started. Only the good parts.
We finally face that big bad assed black dragon of the Adventure Path. You know how they say that there’s no save or die in Pathfinder. Fail a save at high levels, it may not kill you but chances are it will set up to be killed off just about as quickly. That’s what happened to the dragon. I have a feeling that if we weren’t lucky and the dice mojo was working in our favor then that fight might have been much more drastic.
We ran across some freaky flying owlbears. Our ranger normally hats owlbears but these poor beasts seemed sick and in pain. In odd turn of mercy, we decided to try figure out why these creatures were suffering. A little magic, a little talking to the animals type stuff and we start to figure out that its normal sunlight and normalcy that is making them so suffer. So we grew impatient and slaughtered them.
Then we ran across the lake with schools small freaky red worms swimming around. Being player characters we played around with it for a while trying to figure out just how dangerous the situation was. We sent some summoned creatures to check things out and they never came back. Being player characters we just couldn’t walk away. So a couple of us buffed up and jumped in. The fools who did this were the Fighter/Cleric and that crazy half-orc. Oh wait. That’s me.
The neat thing about this was that I finally got use Form of the Dragon. Oh, black dragons have a swim speed. This is going to be fun. The rest of the party decided not to go for a swim. Enter three gargantuan worms. I was just a little medium dragon. This was a tough and fun fight. Round One, it swallows me. I use my breath weapon. The GM rules that it won’t get a Save because I am inside it. Round Two, worm grinds me up in its gullet. I bite and claw my out. Round Three, worm misses. I do a bunch of attacks and not much. Round Four, worm swallows me again, I claw my way out. But decided to stay inside because it’s much easier to hit the damned thing from the inside than it is from the outside. Heck, I end up taking just about the same amount of damage.
So that was it folks. The good parts. We should have about one more session left. It’s been fun kids.

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  1. I like the title, it gives thrill to me. Sounds an interesting story. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Interesting post. Don’t eat dragons the title sounds thrilling. And I can’t wait to play the game.

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