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Actually I’ve had the free edition for quite a while. I quickly read over it and kind of shrugged. But with new found interest in the older style of games, I decided to grab the full Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Grindhouse Edition and give it good read.
What the hell was I thinking when I just dismissed this game on my first read through? Now, since it’s been out a while, I really don’t feel like I need to explain the mechanics too much. Crunch wise, it’s a retro-game. There’s a couple of neat things. A very simple “x in d6” skill system. There are just four classes (fighter, magic-user, cleric and specialist). Fighters are the only ones who progress in combat and the specialist is your basic rogue/theif/skill monkey.
Then I started reading the spells. Wow, just. Wow. There’s the usual array of spells but there are a few that caught my eye. There’s a nice little re-work to the good old standby Bless. An interesting spell called Strange Waters that probably should only be used in emergencies. And then there’s Summoning. I’ve read through this spell for times. Each time grinning wider and wider. It’s just a first level magic-user spell and it replaces all those Summon Monster I, II, III and so on. Unlike the regular spells, the character isn’t walking up to the counter at some sort mystical Starbucks and ordering a dire badger with the celestial template. No foam. OH NO. This spells rips through the walls of reality and brings something into the world. Hopefully, it will something you can control and it won’t rip your face off or worse. Pretty damned cool. And that’s what makes the game awesome.
Lamentations of the Flame Princess isn’t about your standardized, run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter fantasy. This is Weird Fantasy. There’s no stock list of monsters. You aren’t fighting yet another tentacle slime monster from the outer planes whose stats everyone has memorized. You’re fighting THE tentacle slime monster. Monsters are unique and scary. Spells don’t always work like you’re pushing the buttons on vending machine. Shit happens. Characters die or worse. I’ve grown tired of character death being just a financial burden. Like I posted earlier this week, sometimes it feels like we’re playing a very elaborate game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Even if you aren’t into Old School games, Lamentations of the Flame Princess is worth a look. No matter what edition of the World’s Most Popular Fantasy Roleplaying Game you prefer these something that can be tweaked and twisted to make your game a little more interesting. Even if it’s as simple as viewing a fantasy campaign world in new and intriguing way.

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  1. Good post! I’m really digging it as well:) I’m actually doing a Pathfinder/LotFP mix that I’ll probably play in the future (lol I worked on this while in Scotland ~.<)

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