Jan 202011

It’s been a while since I did movie review. I generally like to review movies that fall below the radar and ones that I actually liked and hence the lack of reviews over the last few months. But I just found another little gem. Lo.
This is a nice independent dark comedy/horror film but personally I’d say it’s more of an urban fantasy film. One thing for sure this is an artsy film as well. No nifty CGI special effects. No buckets of gore. No cinematic fight scenes. Not even elaborate sets. Some of the sets are something like you would see in a backwater community theater. This doesn’t detract from the movie. It adds to its charm.
Lo is pretty simple story. Boy meets girl. Girl gets kidnapped by demons. Boy summons demon to get the girl back. Boy and demon talk a lot. That’s pretty much the plot without giving away any spoilers. My first thought after watching this movie is that it could have easily been a Buffy episode just without any of the regular cast. Heck, even one of the demons says, “Let me explain this to you. In song . . . ” Yes, there is a musical number in the movie.

Recommendation: Buy it.

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  1. I have to agree this one took me back to the days of “Buffy” I thought it was a little boring but not horible. I think with a little more work they could have made a much better movie. They had all the scary stuff in place just didnt think they did that great of a job. Sorry I am not a hateful guy just can’t get behind this one.

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