Feb 012011

The debate continues on the subject on Net Neutrality. In my opinion, there’s nothing to debate. It’s just a basic assurance of freedom of expression and an open and free market. But our lawmakers and sitting there with their heads up their collective asses and their ears to the big telco’s.
Let’s go back in time and think about this a moment. What if there were no Net Neutrality back when Google started? Remember this was a little tiny company way back when. Hell, their first server was made with freaking Lego’s. Despite any personal opinions about the company, would Google have grown to be the power house it is today if it weren’t for Net Neutrality? Let’s face it. Google has directly and indirectly helped thousands of small and large businesses. Google has a hand in entertaining, informing and helping millions of people communicate. Really think about it. Would this small little experiment by a couple of doctoral candidates that ended up being run out of garage become a multibillion dollar corporation, if it weren’t for Net Neutrality? What companies like Amazon or Ebay? Where would they be? It’s not just about these Internet giants. It’s about the little guy that comes up with the next great invention. The author who self-publishes his book. It’s about grass roots political movements. It’s about viral videos and the exchange of ideas.
Of course, the telco’s are whining that they need to control network traffic. Yeah, you do. The majority of halfway knowledgeable Internet users understand this. But what really pisses us off is crap like bandwidth caps, blocking traffic and “We can’t take the traffic.” Really. It’s your fucking job and your business. It’s what we are paying you good money for. Do what you say you will do. I don’t go to the grocery store and buy a pound of ground beef and have the butcher say, “Sorry too many people bought ground beef, so here’s half a pound but we’re still going to charge you for a pound.”
And don’t even get me started on the myth of broadband competition. They only people who think that there is plenty of competition are politicians and the ISP’s that pretty much have local monopolies. There’s plenty of new technology that’s constantly getting cock blocked.
This isn’t needless government regulation. It’s consumer protect. It encourages new business, innovation and growth. Here endeth my rant.

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