Jun 172010

Let’s just say this could have been better. OK, it was lame. Hey, this is two bad reviews in two weeks.
So here’s the basic premise. An evil energy company (more evil than Satan himself) has super-drill that can drill all the way though the Earth. This has the powers of Hell a bit angry since the drill would go right through the place. I know every tale about the Devil and the Powers of Hell wanting out and onto the face of the Earth. Seems to me like having a big hole drilled into Hell would make a perfect escape route but that’s just me.
I have theory on how this pitch meeting went.
TV Exec: Hey. We need one of thse edgy raunchy animated shows that are grabbing ratings on other networks.
Pitch Guy: OK, How about this a show about a bunch of demons that come to Earth.
TV Exec: Great but they can’t be evil demons. They need to against something more evil. And they need to be sort a quirky cross between the Simpsons and the Addams Family. But keep it edgy and raunchy but not too demonic. We don’t want to offend any Bible thumpers.
Pitch Guy: I think we can handle. Non-evil likable demons that aren’t too demonic.
TV Exec: Yeah and make the dad another stupid fat guy. You know, the lovable oaf. Viewers seem to like that.
Pitch Guy: Fine. Fat stupid demonic-but-not-too-demonic guy out to save Hell.
TV Exec: You got it. Remember, Edgy, politically incorrect. And make sure they talk about the importance of family.
Pitch Guy: OK, um.
TV Exec: And while your at it, have one the neighbors fuck their dog.
Yeah that was a long rant but it boils down to this. This show just seems really disjointed. The basic premise starts off OK. Demon family sent to Earth. Hilarity ensues. But after that it just isn’t funny. Sorry, TBS nice try but you guys los tit on this one.

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  2 Responses to “Neighbors From Hell: Fail”

  1. Eh… I’d probably check it out, but not in front of my kid.


  2. Yeah, that is a very good idea. Being a little drunk just might make it slightly funny.

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