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That’s when the PDF for the Advanced Player’s Guide gets released for all us poor schmucks who don’t a have subscription. My prediction is that it’s going to almost as bad as when they released the core book.
I’m really excited about this product. From the play test documents that they’ve released and the awesome previews they’ve been giving us, it looks like this going to be one hot product. I feel I can say this some amount of confidence since we’ve been using the play test version of the classes in our Pathfinder games.
In the Second Darkness game, we have a witch and a barbarian/oracle of battle. The witch has been fun to have in the party and has proved to be quite handy. The player took the Cauldron ability and has been a constant source of potions for the party. The Witch has a good selection of spells and abilities. Personally, I’ve been playing the barbarian/oracle. For some odd reason, I like to play multi-class characters, spontaneous spell casters and I get drafted/volunteer to be the cleric. A solid spontaneous divine caster is just fits me and the way I play. Give me a round or two to buff and then rage. Things can get real interesting. I also did a quick test of the inquisitor during the Second Darkness campaign. The barbarian/oracle was temporarily dead and waiting for reincarnation so the GM let me bring another temporary character. Did I mention I like multi-classing, a paladin/inquisitor. It was fun but that whole Lawful Good thing just kind crimps my style.
But there’s more than just base classes in this book. Feats, class options and ton of stuff that’s going to add some really neat flair to the games. So come tomorrow, I’ll be sitting hitting refresh on the Paizo web site trying to get my copy.

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  1. This is what I get for posting to the future. Make that on August 5 all us non-subscriber not-at-Gencon folks will be burning up Paizo’s servers.

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