Jan 252011

We finally started out Kingmaker game on Friday. Most of the session was eaten up by everyone finishing up their characters. But here’s the juicy bits on how the GM is handling using Aspects.
Each character has seven Aspects and a Refresh of 3. Compelling and invoking Aspects works basically the same way as it does under the normal Fate rules. But to keep things a little more in line with the numeric spread of a d20 game, when characters invoke Aspects, they gain a +4 bonus or a re-roll. This really a house rule in progress and so far it’s blast. Like I’ve said so many times before we really aren’t that much of a power-gaming, rules-lawyering gang. So we’re making it up as we go along is fine with us. I’m pretty sure that
And in case anyone was wondering, here’s our little group:
A gruff human ranger (guide) who has problems with bears.
A human cavalier. He is Don Quixote.
A human fighter/cleric. Very much the romantic knight questing after a lost love.
A snooty elf wizard with OCD and body image issues
A grumpy half-orc who is not a druid (Nature Oracle/Serpentine Sorcerer) and victim to the great Fae conspiracy.
This is going to be a really fun campaign. Our first plan to civilize the wilderness was to go all “Paint Your Wagon” and set up a brothel. It was dismissed for just killing some bandits.

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  3 Responses to “Our First Kingmaker Session and Playing with Aspects in Pathfinder”

  1. Setting up a brothel sounds like a great money spinner! It would have been so much easier to have cleaned out those bandits’ money bags that way, no bloodshed needed. The cavalier and fighter/cleric might have had some moral issue with it though I suppose . . .

  2. Sounds like the makings of a great campaign! You still planning on doing session recaps?

  3. I plan doing some session summaries but only the good parts versions.

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