Mar 152011

We played through the intro adventure in Set 1 (AKA: The Dalish Curse). Reviews were a little mixed from the players.
There were four players, three veterans and one newbie. The party was fairly balanced. We had two warriors, a rogue and a mage. Over all, everyone liked the game and the mechanics. Folks did tend to use the same stunts over and over. And the new player did comment once that there too many options. I think the toughest part was trying to break the D&D mindset. In some games, stuff just works differently.
Here’s somethings we noticed by class:
Warriors worked pretty much as expected. Tough, armored damage dealing guys. No real surprises.
Rogues seemed to be a bit of pain at low levels with a couple of extra rolls throw in before they could do their back stab. If I were to do a full campaign I might do a little house ruling to make it easier to handle mechanicswise. And of course, in this game you don’t need to be flanking to back stab.
Now the mage had a few other problems. The battlefield evolves quite differently in Dragon Age. Nothing really to locks down the opponents to the meat shields. The resource management for Dragon Age is also a bit different. A first level mage only has a few mana points and three spells. Choose wisely. Kids. At higher levels, I can start to see the bookkeeping becoming a pain that may not be worth the effort. Really, I fyou’re pushing nearly triple digit mana points who cares if you spend three.
I still like the game and the players liked it. Like I mentioned before anything different than your standard D&D tactics seemed to throw them Of course, it also didn’t help that a couple of us were going on only about two hours of sleep. I stand by everything I said before. It is an awesome game. Like during all my Savage Worlds rants, you just might have to keep reminding your players that it ain’t D&D.
I do fully admit that I did beef up the encounters a lot tougher that they were in the book. The party still managed to make their through most of it. Yeah, the thing ended with a TPK during the boss fight. I can be a bit of an evil GM.

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