Jan 172011

I decided throw down some notes on our current games. Think of these as sort session summaries but only the good and interesting parts.
This campaign has been going on for a while so I’ll take this little bit to introduce the characters. We have a Kender Bard, a Goblin Druid, a Warforged Crusader, a Halfling Sorcerer/Rogue, a Changeling Fighter/Rouge and a Beholder. Really, we have a Beholder in our party. Needless to say, it is very difficult for our party to be inconspicuous. The group is on a quest to find the legendary Spelljammer. We’re chasing after a group of evil pirates who are following the trail of clues that we are. It’s a race to find a trio of magical beacons which will us to triangulate the location of the Spelljammer.
This week we started the adventure to find the second beacon. We did a little shopping and getting the feel of the town. We had a couple of good fights: a green dragon with some mooks, a group of girallons and a trio of janni rogues.
Now this isn’t about a blow by blow retelling of what happened during the session. This is the good parts version. And the good part is that we survived. Now that really doesn’t like something special. We’re all at 6th level but what really screwed us was an amazing amount of bad dice mojo. No kidding every player rolled at least three natural 1’s during the game. Our dice sucked.
The lesson to bring from the session is the joy of failure. Characters just can’t win all the time. They can survive. But if they hit every time, succeed at every thing they try and just blow throw everything; the game gets boring. The story gets boring. There’s no tension. There’s no sense of accomplishment. So sometime your dice just need to screw you. It’s for your own good.

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  1. Tell us more about the beholder…

  2. The DM did a racial class like Savage Species. Let me see if I can dig up a copy and post it.

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