Apr 052016

History Channel used to have history. Then it went all Nazis, occult, serial killers, and aliens. But heck now they’ve gotten into the comedy biz. And it ain’t half bad.
Basically Night Class is two very short shows crammed into one. Now the best one is Crossroads of History. It ain’t politically correct (but then history never is) and it ain’t safe for work but it’s safe for late night basic cable. What a wonderful world we live in. But instead of me ranting about it. Just watch it.

There’s also the second one. Great Minds. This sort of reminds of those crazy vignettes on MST3K. But hey that’s online too.

Both are pretty damned funny and you may learn a thing or two which isn’t bad. Of course, someone won’t like it but hey that’s the way it goes.
Check your local listings or watch them over here.
So this is the kind of stuff you’ll see here. Just crazy stuff, I find interesting and whatever the heck I feel like. So that means the posting probably won’t be as regular as before. Remember the gaming stuff is over here.

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Mar 142016

I haven’t posted over here in a while. That’s mainly because I still don’t know exactly what to do on this blog. Plus real life have been pretty darned busy.
Let’s see. I’ve dipped my into the RPG Publishing arena. And well that keeps me busy pounding on the keyboard and brainstorming. The hunt for a new day job has succeeded. So I’ve got the preparation for that and a list of house chores that I’ve been neglecting that need to get done before I start punching the clock again.
Of course, there’s also posting on my RPG blog, They Might Be Gazebos. I mention this because I’d like to add a little shout right here. If you have a Kickstarter, take a moment to read something about the blog before send off that email, “Please rant about my cool new thing.” If you won’t take the time to do that then why should I take the time to pitch your stuff.
So with that. I return to chores, projects, and a new day job. Now, I just also have to think what to do with this blog….

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Feb 212016

Well that headline pretty much says it all. This really doesn’t matter what side of the political divide you land on and I think we can pretty much agree that there a ton of things in the country that just plain screwed up. The problem is that we can’t agree on how to fix them but it seems that average American is agreeing about who’s at fault. This is really making the cycle of the Presidential campaigns not only interesting but crazy and down right frightening. Deep down, I want to play Frankenstein. I want to hack apart most of the candidates then stitch the pieces back together and make something that may make more sense. Or I could just end up making another monster.
It’s going to be an interesting year but I have the feeling it’ll be in that old Chinese proverb way.

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Feb 022016

Or at least it should be. I’ll put this out bluntly. Dungeons and Dragons is best when played face-to-face. Yes, I know there’s many a good virtual table top out there and I’ve used a couple. But they are no substitution for meat space.
Good old D&D is a social game. It don’t matter what edition you happen to like. At its core, it’s about people getting together. They can tell epic stories, kill monsters, or whatever. It’s people sitting around a table and talking. And I’ve playing these crazy games long enough to know that not all of the talk is about the game. You can tell jokes. Bitch about your day job. And most importantly meet new people.
These new people can become friends or even business contacts, either way it grows your network of people you know. See just like that crazy game where people chase a little ball across manicured lawns. (OK, I think golf is silly.) In case you’ve never looked at it, here’s a little list of famous folks who have rolled the dice. I’m not saying that you’ll meet up with Vin Diesel at your FLGS but you could get know some great people.
I know I’ve said, “Roll dice, kill monsters, and taker their stuff.” way too many times (and I’ll say it more in the future) but there’s more to it than that. It’s about people and networking too. So go ahead. Check out where there local gaming store is located and Roll dice, kill monsters, and taker their stuff. See I told you I’d say it again.

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Jan 252016

Lengends of Tomorrow
Well, had a chance this morning to finally catch the pilot of Legends of Tomorrow. In many ways it’s too soon to tell whether it’s going to be good. But at least I can tell it ain’t going to totally suck. But that might not matter. All those special effects cost money even in this day and age of CGI. So there’s a good chance no matter what fans think, there might not be a second season. There’s plenty of info and rants about this one and you’re smart so you can make your own decision. Check you local listings. You know the drill.
But I’m really waiting for the Dr. Who joke to drop. Let me put it this way in crazy fan terms.
White Canary is River Song’s daughter and used to be Black Canary until she was killed by a plan hatched by an Evil Captain Jack Harkness. But don’t worry. She was brought back to life/regenerated only to join up with her time traveling grandfather who stole a time machine to save universe.
There you go.

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Jan 062016

Well The Shannara Chronicles premiered last night on MTV. Yeah, MTV. If you’d have asked me what channel a fantasy show would be on my answer would have never been MTV.
It was years ago when I read the books and I have to admit that I don’t remember a darned thing about them. Which is kind of odd since there’s plenty of other books that I remember fondly. Maybe the stories didn’t do anything for me. The only thing that really stuck with me were the awesome Hildebrandt covers.
But on the good side that means I can go into the TV series without saying “But in the book…” So what did I take from the show? The special effects were good for TV. The shots of the landscape were pretty damned cool. John Rhys-Davies not only has played a bad ass dwarf but now adds elf king to his resume. And Allanon is a kick ass dude.
Since it’s MTV, they made painfully obvious that they’re shooting for the young adult audience. OK, I can live with that. The dialog and acting are what one expect with a made-for-MTV series. Now, there is one thing that just shook my head on. I did quick search on the net and couldn’t find a still from the show but take notice. ELVES WITH MAN BUNS. No. Nuff said.
Over all. It’s not bad. It’s not great either. I’d put it in the “meh” category. But like when any popular fiction series makes to the small or big screen without totally sucking, it gives hope that somewhere out there is a creative team that’s going to take some of the other tales and transition them. It gives me hope for a Lankhmar or Elric treatment. Maybe a great reboot of Conan or that long awaited Red Sonja movie. We shall see.

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