Jul 172010

Just got the Plot Twist Deck today and it’s pretty darned sweet. If you’ve stopped by here enough you’ll know that I’m one of those story over rules guys which makes this right up my alley.
Here’s what you get. Fifty-one cards with nifty bits of inspirational artwork. Each card has a title and four plot twist seeds. Additionally, there’s one themed game mechanics option. Here’s how it works. At the beginning of a campaign each player gets one card. They get another card every time their character levels. The player can play the card to gain the mechanical benefit or play it and make an appropriate plot suggestion to the GM. The GM can accept, modify or decline the suggestion. If the suggestion is interesting enough then the GM can award the player another card. That’s basically it.
You can use this for pretty much any game. The plot seeds may have to be adapted a very little bit to fit a particular genre or setting but overall they are pretty generic. They’re designed that way to give some free form cooperative storytelling opportunities. Many of the mechanical benefits would need to be tweaked if you’re using something other than a d20 based game. A +10 bonus to Perception really wouldn’t make much sense in a FATE or Savage Worlds game. But it would work fine for any 3.5 game (of course), 4th Edition, Stars Saga Edition or even one of the retro-clones.
This is neat and simple little product but I think it’s going to add so much to our games. Now, they might be a pain if you’re running with a large party and everyone tries to go off on their own sub-plots but a group of around 4 to 5 or less, this could make things interesting.

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