Aug 052010

I thought that this was going to be cool. I was wrong. It’s just fantastic.
If you’re playing Pathfinder just pick this up and drop every one of your old 3.5 splat books. You won’t need them. I’m still trying to digest all the info that is in this book. Tweaks and new abilities for the original base classes, the new base classes, new feats, new spells, new gear, more options in combat, character traits. Like I said, Paizo crammed a ton of information in this one book. There’s something for everybody here.
Of course, the power gamers, munckins and rules lawyers will dissect it with clinical precision. For those of us who like to run with character concept and worry about plotting out feat progressions and calculating probabilities there’s plenty of options to easily build the character you want.
Yeah, I know this is short review. Just go out and get the book already. It’ll give you something to read while all the cool kids are at GenCon.

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  2 Responses to “Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide”

  1. Totally agree! There is an absolute ton of info in this book and they did a fantastic job of making it so character diversity is much easier to attain. The characters seem to have much more depth now. Background info has a mechanic which is great! This is one of those things that can be easily pushed to the back burner as levels progress but now there is a way to incorporate it into the characters growth. Well worth the money!

  2. Yah I’m really interested in the Summoner and Alchemist class lol

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