Nov 292012

Yep, Kickstarter is the big thing for RPG publishers. Some projects are wildly successful while others die on the vine. Fans back projects and get all excited. I do the same thing.
But here’s the bit that’s been sitting in the back of my mind. What’s happening when everything is said and done. I’m not talking about when backers get their stuff. It’s when the everything has been fulfilled and the product is now on the streets. Now, I may hanging out in the wrong place but it seems that after the big push for backing on the project that publishers aren’t doing much when a project is out for general consumption. It just sort of sits there. I just get this crazy feeling that just maybe there’s this atmosphere that if you don’t back a project in the Kickstarter phase then you aren’t interested in it. I just feel like that publishers are missing out on an additional opportunity for a second wave of sales. All those potential customers who might have missed out or just didn’t have the money at the time.
That’s just my crazy thought for the day. Maybe I’m crazy or just paranoid.

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