Jul 102010

Wow, haven’t done that in a long time. We wrapped up the Council of Thieves campaign last night and it pretty much took all night.
Things got a little bogged down and one of the players was running late due to family commitments. But we survived barely. Things got out of hand a couple times and by the end everybody was punch drunk. I think we’re getting too old to do things like this. This was a pretty good adventure path. We did have a fairly social party and that made some encounters easier.
Next week begins the homebrewed Spalljammer campaign. As I mentioned earlier, we going to have an interesting party. A Kender bard, a beholder, a warforged crusader, a changeling rogue, a goblin druid and I’m not sure of the other player. But that’s the plan. Right now. still operating on only a few hours of sleep and getting the old gaming bag re-equipped for the new campaign. Now time to grab a nap and get all those little project done for next week.
As you can tell by rambling rant, the brain still sleeps.

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