Jan 242013

So in case you’ve been under a rock or lost in a dungeon somewhere you might the only person in RPG circles who hasn’t heard that Wizards of the Coast has brought back the PDF’s of the old classics and you can get them here. Of course on day one the servers crashed but whatever.
When something big like this hits scene I like to sit and take a moment to think about rather than just shoot off the first thing that comes to mind. In this case, it was “I wonder how soon the plug gets pulled again.” But that’s just the pessimist that lives inside my head and tries to keep things real. But now that I’ve had a couple days to think, my previous opinion just really doesn’t matter. Heck, good WOTC. At least they are selling the old stuff rather than just having it sit there and gather virtual dust. For fans, who missed things the first (fresh off the shelf) or later sales then it gives them the chance to see what some of us grognards have yapping about for a long time. It’s a good thing.
Once the little optimistic angel inside my head started screaming over the pessimistic devil, I realized something. Maybe just maybe, people will get over the damned Edition Wars. Here, it’s all available and play what you want. Now, we just need to figure out to get people to quit bitching about HOW other people play.
Grab some dice and have a good time.

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  2 Responses to “Return of the PDF’s: D&D Classics”

  1. My best guess is that these classics will stick around. If WotC gets D&D-Next right, it is supposed to be “familiar” to all players, no matter the version. I’m guessing adventures (of any version) will be easily converted to 5e. (For example: want to play an AD&D adventure? Use the basic + standard rules. Want to play a 3e adventure? Use the basic + standard + advanced tool kits…etc).

    Keeping all the classic adventures (with a new modern rule-set to play them) is just smart marketing: since WotC has been great at pumping out rule books, but notoriously weak at publishing adventures – this classic re-release will fill that gap (and for $0.00 effort on WotC’s part).

  2. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I’ll wave my OSR flag a bit by saying it appears that WOTC has learned the gamers don’t need them.

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