Aug 252011

I actually started this review over a month ago but fate has been really nasty this last few weeks and now I’m finally getting around to posting it.
So what the heck is this. Well, it’s a one of Postmortem Studio’s Six Pack Adventures. What is a Six Pack Adventure? Well, it’s a nice little bundle that has just about everything you need for a quick adventure for an evening. Kiss of the Frog God is written By Mike “The Crazy GM” Garcia for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Since the adventure is relatively short you could easily be adapted to other old school games or most modern iterations of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game. But you would have to redo the pregenerated characters and do a little tweaking on the monsters but more about that later.
The Meh: Six Pack Adventures have everything you need. That includes tokens for the monsters and pregenerated characters as well as a map tile. I got plenty of miniatures and plenty of map tiles and various bits of terrain. Not too handy for me personally but I’m sure some folks will like this.
The Adventure: Because that’s what’s it’s really about. And probably why you are here. It’s difficult to write a really substantial review without giving too much away since the adventure is relatively short. It’s designed to be played in one sitting. How much time that exactly will take will depend your group. Some folks might scream through it in about an hour while others might be messing around and take a whole evening or more.
It starts off in the village of Morbury which is fleshed out in enough detail to let DM’s play with it and possibly throw some other adventures at the characters. Or you could easily plop the adventure down in a different location in your own campaign world.
The adventure itself is pretty straight forward. The party gets sent to search for a pair of star crossed lovers in a pretty creepy swamp. Bad things live in the swamp. Bad things happen the swamp. And in fashion with Weird Fantasy, there is not a “happily ever after” type ending. See no real spoilers there.
There are six pregenerated characters that come with the adventure. So unless you have a huge group everyone should be covered. The thing to note about the pregens is that they are like you actually rolled them old school style (You know, 3d6 straight down the line). This is very important because when I looked at the boss monster, my first thought was, “Damn this thing is weak to go against a 3rd level party.” Then I realized that I was looking at it through a Pathfinder lens and not Lamentations. So OK. The boss could really lay some hurt on a 3rd level party.
It’s available thru DrivethruRPG and for just under $2. Not bad for a tidy little adventure with all the bells and whistles. Hell, a cup of joe costs more.

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  1. I bought that adventure but haven’t had time to look through it yet. I had a blast running Death Frost Doom. With my players in a swamp in my C&C game I may have t use this 🙂

    Welcome back to the grind duder.

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