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Here it’s hopefully a complete list of links for everything Savage Worlds. If I missed anybody just drop me a line.
The home for it all
Pinnacle Entertainment Group: Creator of Savage Worlds. Check out the Test Drive Rules and other goodies in the Downloads Section. Drop by the forums and join one very fine community. Home of Deadlands, Evernight, Necessary Evil, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Rippers, 50 Fathoms, Savage Tales of Salomon Kane and Slipstream. Coming soon: Space: 1889

12 to Midnight: Home of the horror setting Pinebox, Texas and rules and adventures for any horror setting.
Adamant Entertainment: Creator of Mars for Savage Worlds.
Arc Dream Publishing: Creators of Godlike and Wild Talents. Savaging the Kerberos Club
Alter Ego Software: Metacreator for Savage Worlds
Atomic Overmind: Publisher of Ken Hite’s Day After Ragnarok.
Battlefield Press: Creators of Sherwood.
Cursed Empire: A dark fantasy setting, originally under its own system being converted to Savage Worlds.
Dark City Games: Creator of old school fantasy adventures.
Sadly Daring Entertainment has ceased operations but some their properties will still come out just through different publishers.
Dog House Rules: Savaged Fantasy Adventure and old west resources
Evil DM Productions: Creator of Legends of Steel (sword & sorcery) and the Lost World of Hador (pulp).
Fantasy Grounds: Savage Worlds Online.
Green Ronin: Savaged Freeport
Gun Metal Games: Formerly know as Reality Deviant Publications
Hell Creak Sanitarium: (Site coming) Home of “solo” adventures.
Jeff Valent Studios: Prehistoric fun in Sticks and Stones.
Jessup Games: Aetherbound: Steampunk meets Space Opera!
Misfits Studios: Home of the SpirosBlaak Setting.
Mutha Oith Creations: Home of Low Life.
Natural Twenty Gaming: Creators of the fantasy setting Realms of Eldrath.
Nevermet Press: Not sure what they have coming up but they do neat stuff.
Phipps Gaming Studio: Home of the dark fantasy setting Winterweir, the conspiracy setting It Has To Be Done and the hard Sci-Fi setting Blackhole.
Prometheus Games: The German Version of Savage Worlds
Reality Blurs: Agents of Oblivion, Runepunk, Realms of Cthuhlu, Iron Dynasty, Ravage Earth
Savage Mojo: Formerly known as Talisman Studios. Home of the epic fantasy setting Shaintar
Silver Gryphon Games: Home of Æther, and Eiridia
Super Genius Games: Home of Strike Force 7!
Triple Ace Games: Hellfrost, Necropolis 2350, Sundered Skies, Daring Tales adventures.
Tri-Tac Games: Home of the infamous Bureau 13
White Haired Man: Fantasy adventures in Kith’takharos.
Vampjac Productions: Home EE Knight and Savaged Vampire Earth.
World Works: Creators of fine paper buildings and terrain and adventures.

Fan Sites
The Black Orifice: Some great stuff. Shadow Flus (a World of Darkness clone) and
Dragon’s Foot: Various resources and other goodies
Greywolf.Critter.Net: Figure flats and other great resources.
Rels Den: Ctnhuhlu Vice, Savage Slaygoria, Sector Zero and Guns of Megiddo
Savagepedia: The Savage wiki
Savagheroes: Fan made adventures and conversions
Savage Lythia: Even more fan resources
Sharkbytes: The premier Savage Worlds fanzine.
Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill: From Ron and Veronica (the folks who brought us The Game’s The Thing.) A podcast dedicated to just Savage Worlds.
The Games the The Thing: Great podcast featuring many Savage Worlds episodes.

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