Mar 172014

Scenic Dunnsmouth is another gem published by James Raggi IV for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. This is one awesome module written by Zzarchov Kowolski (who also wrote A Thousand Dead Babies) and illustrated by Jez Gordon.
What can I say about this one? It hits all of my good spots. Creepy and weird. Odd and out of the box thinking. A sandbox type of approach that let’s the player characters wander around and decide just how much trouble they want to get into. But that’s not the most awesome thing. It’s the randomness and the re-usability of the the module that really makes it worth while purchase.
Sort of like In Search of the Unknown, the GM gets to randomly (or with a little bit of intention) set up the creepy swamp village of Dunnsmouth. There’s a really neat system using both dice and playing cards. This gives you the map of the village and what exactly is going on. This way even as player this module won’t be exactly the same twice.
But my crazy little grognard mind starts going at a million miles an hour and I can see using this module even more. Take it hack it apart and spread out all of the creepiness around a larger area even a campaign. Do a little kit bashing with Vornheim and there’s some real freakiness to be had. I like this. This module is both useful and inspiring. Damn, I love that.
So there you go. Buy it. It’s worth it. Heck, how many modules can you get so much out of.

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