Nov 082012

Let’s make this quick. If anything in Lamentations of the Flame Princess bothered you in the slightest then just walk away right now. I’m serious. Just move on.
Scorn: The First Book of Pandemonium is a modern horror splatterpunk game. It is no holds bared, in your face. No punches pulled. Nothing is off the table. Let me put this way. Call of Cthulhu is like fucking Candyland. World of Darkness is a fun Saturday morning cartoon. Think over the top Clive Barker, HR Giger and Tokyo Gore Police. This is not in anyway a game for kids. It’s bloody and gory and down right freaky. It’s not a game for everybody. There you’ve been warned.
The basic premise is that the War between Heaven and Hell has moved to the mortal world. The characters have been changed by this and now are more than just human. The problem is that it’s very easy for characters to become just as crazed and bad the monsters they are fighting. Pretty much end up that way and it doesn’t get that much better. We’re not only talking psycho-crazy but weird ass mutations and stuff like that. Stare long enough into the abyss and you’ll grow tentacles or worse. The game that come to mind first when I was reading through Scorn was Kult. Let me put it this way, the player character classes are Murderist, Priest, Nail Martyr and War Ghoul. So hopefully that give at least some idea.
The game itself is pretty easy. It’s a nice slick mechanic. Characters only have three Attributes: Violence, Traction and Influence. Characters are further defined by Disciplines: Brutality, Demonology and Investigation. And then Skills and Spells (All characters have spells). It’s a pool based d12 system. Roll your dice and count only the highest. That’s pretty much it.
Like any game, I think about what I would do with it. First, I wouldn’t run this with a group of strangers. I’d run it with people I know and I know where their safe zones are. But being me, I also like to mix things up. So somewhere deep in the back of mind is brewing a crazy twisted sword and sorcery type alternate dimension type campaign. This would be a world that make Elric cry like a little girl and guys named Conan would be food. But that’s just my crazy subconscious.
Any way, you can pick up the 10th Anniversary Edition of Scorn for free at Drivethrurpg.

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