Feb 212011

We finished up our second real session of Kingmaker and I sit here with a potato chip grease stained page of hand scribbled notes to tell you about it.
Our characters have reached second level. We’re EPIC! We also continued our bad habits. OK, maybe it’s just me. Poke the web covered thorn bush and what do you get. You get swarmed by spiders! Remember last time, it was hornets. Note to self pick up that Burning Hands spell as soon as possible. This time did not require a ground zero detonation of an Alchemist’s fire but it was an interesting encounter. Not because of the spiders but due to the thorny bush. It had some really tasty berries and really nasty thorns. The thorns took a couple of characters down to single digit hit points. We joked about how this the perfect way for an elf go out. Killed by a bush while picking berries.
Bears! That’s right. We fought a bear! And it was tough. It dropped the ranger and gave the other characters a good swat or two. Now the fight wasn’t exactly the most interesting part, it was our insane discussion of the value of bears as sentries. This finally lead to the idea that someone needs to invent a giant auto-cannon that launches bears. Now that’s a weapon!
Of Boggards and Slurks: And if you aren’t up on all the latest monsters, that’s a frogman and a giant mutant frog. They’re supposed to evil and us being the insane party that we are. We befriended the guy. OK, so he has only a 10 word vocabulary in Common and there were plenty of jokes about the slurks’s back slime and belly grease. But he did sort become a dim witted sidekick. The cavalier is even considering him the lofty position of cohort (once we get high enough level for the Leadership feat). That’s the kind of crazy stuff we do.
We also murdered a bunch of stoned kobolds. Hey, they were eating our RADISHES!
Witty observation by yours truly, Cavaliers are sort like Paladins just without any healing tricks.

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  1. How is the Kingmaker Adventure path shaping up? Does it seem to offer the “Sandbox” approach that people are saying is great compared to the normal railroaded adventures?

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