I caught the pilot for Sinbad this weekend on Syfy. Hey, it wasn’t too bad. I guess I’m jaded and I’ve grown accustomed to a steady stream of stinkers. But like I said, it wasn’t half bad. But then it was the pilot so those do tend to not really give me a good idea whether a show is good or not. But it looks to be a decent tweaking of the good old Sinbad tales. So it’s another let’s wait and see what happens.
But there a couple of things that just caught my eye. I really hope there’s some better costuming. During the pilot I kept wondering, “Why the hell is he running around in a T-Shirt and Capri pants?” It just looked silly.

Of course, if it is good then too bad because there’s only one season. So don’t get too attached to it, folks.

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