Jul 192010

I don’t know if it’s old age or what. But anymore it just seems like there are just too many good games out there. And of course there just seems never to be enough time to play all the games that I want. But thinking back even in my younger days there were only a few games that I played at a time. I played on Fridays, Saturdays and occasionally Sunday. Pretty much the whole weekend. Now, I’m down to just playing on Fridays in two Pathfinder games. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting more. Here’s what I sitting on my “Oh my god! I HAVE to play this” list.

The Dresden Files RPG: Like I said before I’m a Jim Butcher fan and I love the genre. This will happen some time if I have to pull teeth and sell a kidney to do it.

Pirates of the Spanish Main: This has been just sitting on my shelf way too long. And as everyone knows everything is better with pirates and it’s Savage Worlds.

The Doctor Who RPG: I just have to try the new one. I have the old FASA game but we never played it.

Dungeonslayers: I spent a whole afternoon looking at old school games and retro-clones. I came across this one and was smitten. It must be played.

I’m not one to belly ached without offering some sort plan or at least suggestions. It’s pretty simple. Just make the time. Just reorganize my schedule a little. Coordinate with some friends, run with it and see what happens.

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  2 Responses to “So Many Games, so little time”

  1. Definitely with you on the first two – and I’d love to try Pathfinder too… Trouble is, we’ve got so many games already in mid-flow – is it better to drop them and start fresh, or keep running new ones in with the cycle?

    Too little time indeed!

  2. Thanks. The Dragon Age RPG almost made this list but still waiting on Set 2 to come out.

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