Jul 212010

So I’m still running through ideas for Dresden Files and few rather odd ones hit me at lunch.
It’s easy to go for the low hanging fruit and garner some inspiration from the usual places (looking at you Buffy/Angel) and for a campaign I might grab some ideas from there. But I want to go off the beaten path a bit for some of the more unusual bits.
First let’s throw in a little El Superbeasto. I did a review a couple of weeks ago. A little monster hunting + lucho libre + lounge lizard. Hmm. Could be an interesting character.
Then there’s Dogwitch. If you don’t know already, you’re guess is probably wrong. Let’s sum up Violet Grimm from the official web site for those of you who are link weary. “Her people expelled her. Her neighbours don’t like her. Her fans want to kill her…So why do they all keep buying her movies? Violet Grimm is an exiled fetish-witch superstar, strung out from spell abuse, psychic fallout and the dubious attention of her psychotic fans. A single girl with a bad rep in a bad world, this infamous outcast just wants to practice her art and find some decent intimacy…Guess she probably shouldn’t have made all those kinky home videos then.” I think it should be fairly easy to find a few Aspects with just that description.
And finally a city. For this I look to the great metropolis of Pine Cove California and various residents. This has been the site for many strange occurrences but most notably a certain Christmas event summed up here. OK, enough beating around the bush for those who haven’t gotten it yet. It’s the collective and damned funny writings of Christopher Moore. Heck, if you like the Dresden Files then chances you are going to like some of his stuff. But if you want some suggestions: Practical Demon Keeping, Blood Sucking Fiends, You Suck, Bite Me and one of my very favorites The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror. You just can’t go wrong with Zombie Santa.

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