Jan 052016

I think enough time has gone that I don’t need to scream out “SPOILERS”. But I’ll still try to keep the rant as spoiler free as possible.
So, the really big question for the next Star Wars movie is “Who’s the daddy and mommy?” That’s the big question about Rey. Is it Han and Leia? Or Luke and some mystery woman? Or maybe something even really out there and corny? She’s a new clone with Force powers. Vader’s here daddy.
The other big question is who are Finn’s parents? There’s rumors that there’s ties to other characters. And conflicting stupid rumors that Lando Calrissian is his father. Uh. Ok. Whatever. That would such a cheap bit of storytelling.
Any way, that’s my rant for today. Yeah, I’m a little sleepy and the old brain ain’t firing on all cylinders.

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