Jun 092013

The buzz in just about every geek circle is who will the next Doctor. There are rumors a selection has already been made. In that case, the BBC is better at keeping secrets than the NSA. And yes. Steven Moffat is a tricky bastard. But I mean that as a compliment.
Let’s be realistic. Chances are it will be an actor who most haven’t even heard of. There will be some flames and screams of “Oh no! That guy could never be The Doctor!” And then the first episodes hit the screen and we’re enamored.
But let’s play this little game further and see where my little imagination can take me. Moffat likes throw curve balls at fans. So how about this? Maybe someone who’s already been on the series. Hmm. Something odd like that could happen. How about multiple actors playing The Doctor in the first episode. You know basically a little fan service. Call it an unstable regeneration. Something like that would really throw the fans trying to track down the rumors for a loop.
Whoever ends being the Earth’s favorite Timelord is going to be lucky and the next series should be an interesting one. Just get rid of Clara. Yeah, I’m one those people.
Just remember, Moffat’s tricky.

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