Mar 122013

If you’re within a stone’s throw of Austin TX, you know that South by Southwest is going on. If you live in or around Austin, it’s getting shoved down your throat. I’m not saying that SXSW is a bad thing. The hotels, city and all sorts of businesses in town are raking in the bucks. That is cool but what here’s what’s got me ranting.
SXSW started out as a small event. They were laid back and just informal enough to have that nice and cosy feeling. Now, they’ve grown into megaevents. Now, it’s about armbands, VIP parties and basically a shit load of marketing buzz. It’s not the cute puppy any more. It’s that lumbering dog that knocks everything off the coffee table. Roads are closed. Traffic is horrible. And there’s almost the feeling that locals get put aside.
So ends my little rant. I have to leave three hours early and I hope I can find a parking space for something that has nothing to do with SXSW.

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