Nov 202014

Here I am yacking up another Kickstarter. Don’t worry. I’ll just make a habit of doing for the ones I think are really cool. This time it’s Silent Legions by Kevin Crawford.
Here’s why it’s cool other than being a horror game. Just check the awesome stuff that’s come out of Sine Nomine Publishing. Stars Without Numbers, Scarlet Heroes, Other Dust, and Spears at Dawn. These are damned fine games. Heck there are free versions so just check them out. Plus I know a lot of folks have been upset over really late Kickstarters. (Personally, there’s one that I backed that I’m little worried about but I’ll rant about that at another time.) The beta for Silent Legions is done. You get it when you back it. I know somebody will correct if I’m wrong but I don’t any of his previous Kickstarters ever fell into the “WTF?” category.
So check it out. Back it. Heck, Old School Lovecraftian Horror. How could you go wrong?