Aug 232013

I see lots of cooking shows especially the competition ones that just go overboard when it comes to steak. I mean encrusted, marinated, sauced, gravy covered, dunked and whatever. The really, really bad part is that a lot of times they are using very good cuts of meat. More is not always better and good quality ingredients don’t need to covered up and enhanced. It’s just bad. So here it is the Ultimate Steak Recipe:
That’s it. Use good ingredients and your taste buds will thank you. And might I mention other neat little tricks can be found in Crunchy Bits.

Aug 082013

The wait is nearly over. This time I mean it. There’s only a few more little edits and corrections on the good old PDF and it is done! That’s right months of full contact cooking and editing are coming to close on this one. Chef’s done her bit and now I just got to finish up on mine. And then I get spam you people till you all buy the thing.
I’m just kidding. If you’ve been around here enough you know I do that. But if you would have asked me years ago if I thought I would be helping on a cookbook, I would have laughed in your face. OK, so this we take from this is never say never.
And stay tuned for that release announcement!