Aug 062012

This last Friday we had another session of Deadlands and lots of stuff blew up.
When we last left our heroes, they had just joined up with traveling “culture” show. Our patron has the crazy idea that he can some how bring cultural and sophistication to the Wild Weird West. The problem is that he has no clue about us “barbaric colonials” or any of the really weird stuff happening. And there’s another problem. He has this huge emerald that has some sort magical mojo and there seems to be some sort of cult after it.
The party ends up in charge of the show after our patron failed a Guts roll when the zombies attacked. Things were going well until bandits robbed the bank. Two party members ride off on their fast horses to catch the robbers while the rest guard the show. Of course, it was a distraction and the Arab looking cultists try to steal the gem. The party managed to catch the bandits and defend the gem. Of course, to throw things into even more confusion a huge rattler shows up to make things interesting. Think of rattlers as sort of like Graboids on steroids.
Every time some weird happens the gem starts glowing. We all start making loknar jokes. Especially if the Huckster starts saying things like “That’s my loknar, you bitches!”
Things calm down and the party prepares for the night when suddenly our train is attacked. Some crazy armored giant mechanical spider train thingie starts eating the front end of our train. More jokes ensue. Of course, this was another distraction but whenever there is violence, player characters will run towards it. While the rest of the party ran towards the front of the train, the Huckster stayed back and guarded the gem. Lucky him. A crazy (and probably undead/Harrowed) mad scientists attacks. The Huckster manages to hold off the Mad Scientist. The rest keep attacking the spider thing. Dynamite explodes at the back of the train and our Huckster is doing his damnedest to hold off the Boss. The others shot and throw some of our own dynamite at the spider machine. We sort of take it out. And by take out it, I mean damage it enough to activate the self destruct. Player characters scatter. I was crazy and remembered that silly bit from Indian Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Hey, if he can survive a nuke by jumping into a refrigerator then I might survive this by jumping into the still cold boiler of our train engine.
We all amazingly survived the explosion. But local law enforcement strongly suggested that we leave town. Also, the Mad Scientist got away with the gem and our train car (Originally, the property of our late Mad Scientist.)

Jul 242012

Well, we got back to our Deadlands campaign this last Friday. I know I haven’t blogged much about it recently. Just chalk it up to laziness and messing around with too many projects.
Our heroes ended up traversing through an underground maze (OK, it was sort of like a dungeon but it was still cool.) fighting a bunch of ancient freaky underground dwelling Indians who were hell bent on destroying the surface world. The good news is that we managed to stop the nasty ritual that would have turned the great Saint Louis metro area into a very nasty place. The bad news, our mad scientist was killed during the battle. It’s always a sad time when a character dies. But Deadlands is a game of horror in the Weird West. So it was bound to happen sooner or later. There were a few times when we thought it was going to be sooner or a TPK. The new character he brought in. A Pugilist. He’s a pretty tough hombre.
Now it seems the campaign is going to really hit it’s stride. We’re joining up with a traveling show. A crazy rich Englishman is going to bring culture to West. Yeah, whatever. But the guy does have money and seem to attract weird stuff. So it should be right up our alley. A special side note. Zombies are tough. That’s pretty much the catch up post with what’s going on with that. So hopefully, I’ll be make more time to keep y’all up to date with what’s going on with the game.

Web Clip Wednesday: The Good, The Bad & The Weird

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May 162012

While this looks like just an awesome movie (Yep, it’s on Netflix list.) I can’t but help think that our Deadlands posse is probably going to end up doing some wild and crazy crap like this. Not only are our characters like that but also us as players, we tend to do the crazy and unusual. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we’ve been gaming together so long. This sort of communal vibe for the silly and off kilter.
But any way, can’t wait till I grab the time and watch this one.

Our Posse Gets Official

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May 142012

A fun time last week with the Deadlands game. We started off by meeting the local officer in charge of the Rangers and get to be “official”. That is the Huckster becomes a member of the official Texas Rangers “Band” and the rest of us end up as sort independent consultants/consulting detectives. And our first job is to head out of Texas and to New Orleans and investigate some grisly (possibly Voodoo related) murders.
Most of the session was detective work. Boring to read but was fun to play out. So here are some of the gems of the session:
If the Mad Scientist tells the curious, impulsive character not to touch anything in his lab then something is bound to happen. OK, it was only small fire. It wasn’t my fault, he shouldn’t have had those two chemicals next to each other.
Our randy Hukster decides he’s going to head off by himself to roughest part of New Orleans and checks out the local brothels. He ends up with a smile minus some cash and his shootin’ iron. At least, he didn’t get shanked in a back alley.
We wondered if women in the 19th century showed their ankles for beads during Mardi Gras.
Any way, our investigations uncover that a long lynched bad guy Voodoo guy was some how tainting a local beer. How dare he taint the beer? We fight some weirdos and mutant dogs with bark-like skin (No that’s not a pun about dogs. Tree bark. We aren’t that silly.) We had a couple of close calls but the fights went pretty well.
Next time we head off into the bayou and try and find the evil magical lynching tree.

Say Howdy to our Deadlands Posse

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May 012012

Well, last Friday night we started our Deadlands games. So say hello to the group of varmints that make up our posse.
Doctor Herzmender: A drunken German Mad Scientist with a diabolical “medical” assistant but he couldn’t hit the broadside of barn from the inside with a shot gun.
Otis Moon: Rookie Texas Ranger who is not a werewolf. We’re really not sure why he keeps saying that.
Jack O’Ryan: Says he’s a huckster but we haven’t seen anything fantastic yet he did throw some cards at a pretty mean Indian shaman.
“Good Night Irene” Wilkins: Lady gunslinger from Missouri. Just stay our her sights.
Malcolm Travis: Riverboat gambler and gunslinger. Plays a mean hand of poker and can be quick on the draw.
So that’s the posse. Since this was the first session most of it was taken up by getting the group together. We dealt with a local ruffians who were lead by a crazy mean petite woman backed by a mean Indian Shaman. But I promised this was the good parts version.
“Good Night Irene” is staring down the toughs. Travis intervenes and learns that the helpless little lady was the infamous Irene Wilkins. Travis sits down, grabs a drink and wishes the goon good luck. That intimated the guy even more.
The group is finally moving in on the hide out of the outlaws and a gun fight breaks out. A thunderous boom comes from our group. One of the goons is nearly torn in half. We all look at Irene, “What did you shoot him with?”
“An express something.”
“Uh, that’s an elephant gun.”
“Really?” Grin.

Apr 232012

This last week we finished up our Spelljammer campaign which meant this week end I took my hefty Pathfinder core book out of my gaming backpack.
Our little group has been playing Pathfinder ever since the Beta rules came out. We averaged about once a week and we’ve played all through a bunch of the Adventure Paths. It’s difficult to say which one was best. They were all fun and I had some memorable characters and moments along the way.
Now, this isn’t anything against Paizo nor is about DNDNext. We’re just changing things up a bit. This week we’ll be starting up a Classic Deadlands campaign and then the week after that I’ll be starting up a Dresden Files game. So stay tuned to for those goodies and hopefully some great tales of misadventure. And don’t worry, we’ll go back and play Pathfinder again.