Jun 092013

The buzz in just about every geek circle is who will the next Doctor. There are rumors a selection has already been made. In that case, the BBC is better at keeping secrets than the NSA. And yes. Steven Moffat is a tricky bastard. But I mean that as a compliment.
Let’s be realistic. Chances are it will be an actor who most haven’t even heard of. There will be some flames and screams of “Oh no! That guy could never be The Doctor!” And then the first episodes hit the screen and we’re enamored.
But let’s play this little game further and see where my little imagination can take me. Moffat likes throw curve balls at fans. So how about this? Maybe someone who’s already been on the series. Hmm. Something odd like that could happen. How about multiple actors playing The Doctor in the first episode. You know basically a little fan service. Call it an unstable regeneration. Something like that would really throw the fans trying to track down the rumors for a loop.
Whoever ends being the Earth’s favorite Timelord is going to be lucky and the next series should be an interesting one. Just get rid of Clara. Yeah, I’m one those people.
Just remember, Moffat’s tricky.

Apr 192013

Everybody’s a Dr. Who fan, maybe even the folks at Budweiser. Because starting in May, their cans are going to be shaped like bow ties.
This is the sort thing that I just can’t make up. I just love this quote by Pat McGauley, vice president of innovation for Anheuser-Busch. “This can is certainly a conversation starter: eye-catching, easy-to-grip, trendy and – according to our research – very appealing to young adults.” So the secret to getting people to drink your beer is have a hipster can. How about just make the best damned beer? Yeah, it’s kind of silly in this guy’s opinion. What’s even sillier is that that they’ve been working on this can for three years and invested a big chunk of change doing it.
It’s gimmick and bet they don’t even get the whole “Bow ties are cool” thing. In a way, this makes my inner geek giggle just a bit.

Apr 252011

Dr. Who is back and the blue police box has hit the shores on this side of the pond but you already know that don’t you? So what other what other Time Lords might be out there hiding. I think I just might have found a couple.

James Bond

Every few years he changes appearance and even personality. Nobody seems to really notice or care. Heck, if that a sign of a Time Lord regenerating I don’t know what is.


Really, this guy can make an atomic bomb out of bubble gum, paper clips and duct tape. Pretty sure his sonic screwdriver is disguised as a Swiss Army Knife.

Mr. Peabody

Time traveling dog and his human boy companion, Sherman. They get messed up with all kinds historical dramas. I’m pretty sure that the their time machine really is a Tardis. There may not be canine Time Lords but then again stranger things have happened.

Dr. Emmett Brown
Doc Brown

This guys is even a doctor! And he’s pretty danged “eccentric” But he also kit bashes a time machine out of a Delorean. Because we all know how easy it is to do.

And the number one character who just might be a Time Lord but maybe you didn’t think that they were is … Continue reading »