Getting Our Feet Wet with the Dresden Files Part II: Lessons Learned

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Nov 042010

So here’s some notes for any future DFRPG GM’s and players.
The game is a sand box let the players go off on their stories. They may not follow the exact adventure you have outlined but they will get there eventually. Don’t be afraid to improvise the adventure based on the player characters are doing.
Compel! We really learned the importance of the Fate Point economy. Sitting with a Refresh of 1, I had lots of Aspects that I wanted to Invoke but just couldn’t. The Fate Points need to be flying around the table. The more the better.
Use something big to represent Fate points so its easy for the GM to see how many everyone has. We were using glass beads. These were nice but I think poker chips would have been better.
Low Refresh characters will have more influence over the story. They will be looking for ways to Compel to get Fate Points.
Teamwork and collaboration is very important. More outgoing players are going to garner more time in the spot light than the quieter players. GM’s need pull the quiet players in especially if that player has a character with low Refresh. Also, the group dynamic will play a much bigger role than more crunchy games. It’s lots talking and throwing around ideas. Play well with others.
Hey I know this a really quick post. What do you expect I’m doing Nanowrimo.