Dec 162013

We finished up the Dresden Files game this last Friday. Due to just being plain sick we were missing one player but we forged ahead anyway. It was a brief but brutal session.
When we last left our heroes, they had gotten pretty banged up fighting the gang of Jade Court Vampires. They decided to play it save and go into overkill mode. They snuck through the service tunnels until they discovered the lair main of the Jade Court and their boss. Then they found a gas main. Then a little thaumaturgical hoodoo and they have an odorless cloud of natural gas that gets gently pushed into the lair. The resulting explosion sent several manhole covers in the area flying and resulted in on Apple store burning to the ground. Yes, I could played this up more as a GM but it was time to wrap things up.
Then the group goes about setting up the Red Court and the Denarian in final showdown. They managed to via some social maneuvering to get both of them at the same place at the same time. They sat back and watched the slug fest. The Denarian ended up winning and pretty much taking out the remaining Red Court Vampires. Hoping the fight weakened the Dinarian, the party charged in with hopes of finishing off the fallen angel. It was another tough and bloody fight. The player characters got really banged up. Artie blew his entire magical wad in one big spell that only annoyed the Dinarian. It was a fight of attrition after that. Here’s one place where we used my little house rule about missing player characters. And it worked pretty well. The missing character is handled like an Aspect for the group. They can invoke him once for free in each exchange. Pretty simple. And to the point. Needless to say, the party barely took out the Dinarian.
Then on to the Fairy stuff. The party gets all of the factions together at their apartment because it is “Centrally Located”. This was a really brief encounter and just really a role playing exchanged. A few offers were by the Fairy Courts that were politely turned down. Mab and Titania both do their parts to summon Puck. Puck goes ballistic but is powerless to do anything. He slowly shrinks down to the size of one of the Wild Fey and is taken into custody by Titania. And here endeth the campaign.
Yes, I know these notes are very short compared other posts. But this was the last and clean up session. I’d say all in all that it went well. The players enjoyed it and FATE was really easy to run as a GM. We talked briefly about what will happen if the group decides to do another Campaign in New Bay City (Note the first time I used this setting was for a Mage game). They agreed that it would be fun but probably better if we used a different set of rules. FATE is fun, easy and quick. But we all felt there was a little too much “hand wavey” stuff and that after a while everything just started to feel the same. But this a debate for the far future.
So what’s up next? Well, the Classic Deadlands campaign is still going strong. We’re going to be starting a Pathfinder game (Serpent’s Skull) very soon. Personally, I’m going to get my old-school game up and running after the Holidays. But more on that one a little later.

Oct 212013

Yes, I’m running behind on stuff this week. So last Friday’s Dresden Game was pretty quick and things moved fairly quickly with little or no major screw ups. Really, the PC’s were on their game so to speak.
First they got most of the NPC’s and all of the PC’s back into their respective bodies. They did manage to switch Lydia and Sissy. It was the difficult one because they ran into Puck. And he was being a dick. He was holding his own knight (well her in Lydia’s body anyway) hostage. He’d give it up for the Soul Box. Instead of rushing headlong into combat, they jumped head first into messing with Puck’s. That’s right. Piss off the crazy guy. And he may maybe crazy and chaotic but he’s still a fairy and still bound by the Unseelie Accords. They stared him down with the good old, “Go ahead and start a war with White Court.” They managed to keep him distracted enough so that the Dude could maneuver into position and make the switch. That means the Party ended up with Sissy in the box and Sissy’s body on ice. Literally, because they offered her up as gift to the Winter Court.
They laid the ground work with Ursala and messed around a bit.
I know this is much shorter than normal but things have gotten busy.

Oct 072013

Another session this last Friday for the Dresden game. Things are moving along nicely and the party made some major headway. Here’s the quick low down on what’s going on. Puck the Fairy Prince got his hands on “The Soul Box”. This is nasty little magic artifact that can switch souls and bodies. That means most of the player characters aren’t in their bodies. Plus the group is trying to get a deal with the Winter Court. They just need to figure out how they are going to the Fey a first born child and not feel like monsters afterwards.
We started the session with group gearing to head back into Puck’s realm in the Nevernever and try to steal the Soul Box and grab Puck’s Knight Sissy who is also the mother of the previously mentioned child. THey had learned one way to summon Puck is to put on either a very good or very bad performance of Midsummer’s Night Dream. They opt for a very bad version including My Little Pony Cosplay by Marines and drunken liberal arts majors. The group was expecting to see the crazy hotel that was there before but instead the place has been transformed into a crazy fun house. Well, fun for Puck anyway. Here’s roughly and quickly how things went down.
The Spinner Room: The floor begins spinning wildly to the point it launches player characters towards random exits. But with some good rolls and the use of Fate point, they managed to stay together.
Barrel of Fun: A long cylindrical room which begins spinning wildly and faster as the player characters advance. To add to the fun, various bits of very sharp debris fill the space; cutting and scratching the player characters. Clyde throws up some protection around the party to protect them from the debris while Artie blasts the debris out the other end of the room. Good idea. Too bad the debris bounced around the fun house and then came flying back at them from behind. Go thing Clyde threw up that ward. Then they get desperate. Artie (who is the skinny party girl body of Mallory) gets thrown towards the end of the room. Clyde goes all wrecking ball and starts blasting/punching holes in the side of the spinning tube. The room disintegrates Artie goes one way and the rest of the party goes another.
The Poppy-cle Garden: Artie wanted to rest after getting banged up and wizarding. So an impromptu room gets created. Here rests and gets so very sleepy. He manages to shrug things off and try escape by flying up. He nearly gets blasted from a mysterious fire blast from some where. But ends up finally getting out of the room.
Air Jets to the Moon: The rest of the party crashed into the floor only to be quickly launched up into the air by a strong blast of air. They decide not to fight it. The blast hurls them straight into the moon!
The Moon: Alex, Clyde and The Dude crash face first into the moon. The first thing they notice is that yes, it is made of cheese. Alex looks around and sees a cute little mouse staring at him from the edge of a crater. The mouse snarls and screams in a squeaky voice, “Invaders. They are here to steal our cheese. Kill them, my brothers.” Thousands of mice armed with tiny spears surround the characters. Things break into three different conflicts. The Dude surrenders. He’s lead to the edge of the world and thrown off. Don’t worry there’s a slide. Alex snarls and intimidates the mice and holds them at bay until he barrels through them and follows the Dude down the slide. Clyde bravely covers this friend’s escape and challenges the champion of the mice to single combat. Being magical fairy mice, the champion only starts off mouse sized then quickly gets to be Hulking mouse sized. The fight is quick and bloody, Clyde wins but still takes a consequence and is thrown down the slide.
The Mobius Ball Pit: You know the one with all the balls. The Dude attempts to “swim” to the bottom only to pop out right back on top. The group messes around in the pit. Clyde blasts away with some fire (remember that blast that nearly hit Artie). Finally, Artie falls into the pit with the rest of the characters. They eventually figure out if the swim under “the surface” horizontally, they can escape the room.
The Midway: The group escapes the Ball Pit and land on the Midway. There are the usual carnival games: Ring Toss, Knock Down The Bowling Pins, Ring the Bell. They notice the barker at each of the games is Puck and the prize is the Soul Box. Well, that’s the only prize and there dozens boxes at each game. It only costs one favor to the fairies for a chance to win. They don’t bite. Artie gets fed up and breaks out his True Seeing potion. He sees that all of the Soul Boxes are fake and that all of the Pucks aren’t the real one. He see’s the exit and guides the party out. Just ahead of the mob of attacking clowns with killer balloon animals.
The Maze of Mirrors: Would have been challenge but heck, True Seeing potion and all. Let it slide and have fun. Artie instructs the other characters to close their eyes and walk holding hands with him as their guide. He notices that only two mirrors in the maze are “real”. Of course, he looks into them. The first wasn’t a real threat. Basically, it worked as a warped Soulgaze against who is looking into the mirror. Artie being a wizard, this proved to no real threat. The other mirror however, put an Aspect on Artie for the next scene. Everything he says is opposite. Yes, a real role playing challenge. “Is everything OK?” “Yes” “Should we open our eyes now?” “No”
The Crane Game: The group enters the final room of this little “dungeon” and here the real Puck is waiting. It’s another game. A giant Crane Game. It only costs a favor to try grab one of those pretty prizes. And the prizes. The booty is dozens of copies of the Soul Box and copies of Sissy sleeping a magical fairy sleep in a glass coffin ala Sleeping Beauty. Artie still has the True Seeing potion going and doesn’t fall for it.
They get down to brass tacks. Puck offers them something simple. They can choose either the Soul Box or Sissy. He has both laid out for the characters see, just like any gloating evil mastermind. The cost a promise not to ever try to get the other (directly or indirectly). They haggled for a bit and then Clyde plays on Pucks ego. How about the only the Wizards choose. It’s not like the big bad Puck can’t defend his realm against a werewolf and a mortal. Puck agrees and Artie and Clyde decide on the Soul Box. Alex and the Dude quickly spring into action the attack the coffin to break out Sissy. Artie and Clyde know that they can’t help Alex and The Dude. So they start destroying the place. Artie just starts blasting at any bit scenery. Clyde goes all in and just rips a hole back into the real world. There’s some struggles. Some bumps and bruises but Alex and the Dude manage to grab Sissy’s body. And the group (at various times) Jumps through the hole that Clyde created.
Once again the party comes back to the real world in random locations. Artie and The Dude aren’t very lucky. They end up about 200 miles off the shore of Antarctica. Artie quickly makes them an iceberg to float on. Curses his inability to cast fire magic. And summons a minor fairy of the Winter Court for aid (because that place should be closely aligned with them). They eventually get back to town.
Clyde and Alex end up in the middle of the Australian outback. Their first problem is that Sissy is still “asleep”. Clyde quickly understands that it’s a pretty typical fairy sleep spell. She can woken up with kiss. Alex (FYI who is in the body of Rachel the Psychic cop and who wolfed out a couple of times and is now naked) decides to kiss Sissy. Because if things go badly and something or someone who is very scary in there then they think that Clyde would be better suited to handle it. So Alex kisses Sissy. She kisses him back. And the quickly figure out that Lydia (The White Court Matron) is in Sissy’s body and that she’s hungry. So Clyde watches.
They end up spending a couple of extra days in the Outback and the running jokes started. “What happens in the Outback, stays in the Outback.” and “Oh darn. Who’s turn is it to feed the White Court Vampire?” While it was juvenile they at least garnered some more information from Lydia and probably more support from here in the future.
The party finally reunites back at the apartment and the session ended.

Sep 232013

Yes, I know I didn’t do a single post last week. Hey, can’t a guy take a vacation? But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t gaming. We had our Dresden game this last Friday and things are got quite confusing and interesting.
For the simple part, Clyde talked up Artie and in a week he’s going to take a little trip to Edinburgh and become a full wizard! Yippee! And then things got confusing. Turns out that Puck now has possession of the Soul Box. A nasty little magical artifact that has the poser to pull the soul out of persons body and put a new one. The catch is there’s always one soul in the box.
Most of the session consisted of figuring out where everybody was and where every body and soul was. Here’s how it all ended up:
Some ancient Roman guy named Marcus is in Simon’s body.
Mallory the White Court Vampire is in the Warden’s Body. And on the run for attempting a coup in the White Court. She’s in custody in Mexico, right now.
Alex is in Rachel the psychic cop’s body.
The Dude is in Artie’s body. Hope they get that straightened out before the initiation ceremony.
Clyde is in Alex’s body.
Artie is in Mallory’s body and being hunted by the White Court.
Whisper is in Jack The Knight of the Cross’ body. The sword doesn’t like her too much.
The Warden is in The Dude’s body.
Simon is in Clyde’s body.
Sissy is in Lydia’s body. And messing up the alliance between the White Council and the White Court.
So you can imagine how confusing and fun this session was. At least, they have plan. Next session they’re heading back into Puck’s realm and steal the box. That’s going to be interesting.

Sep 092013

Another session of our Dresden Files game rolled out as planned on Friday. I know things have been slow as late but real life and other issues have put a drain on just about everybody in the group.
So what happened this week? Well, mainly the party did a lot of thinking, planning and research. They faced head on the deal that they made with the Winter Court. If you remember Alex the Werewolf pledged his first born child to the fairies in exchange for their support. He thought he was safe in the deal but little did he know that while he was possessed by the Denarian “stuff” happened. To add an extra bit twist on the whole situation, Sissy the Fairy Knight of the Equinox is the mother. They focused on how to get around it. There were some pretty crazy and warped suggestions. Most of which were pretty horrendous and some that broke the laws of Nature and Magic. Their working plan is to some how make the child totally unappealing to the Winter Court and then some how fix that problem later. They’re running with the “Its Stillborn And Then We’ll Revive It Later” plan but they haven’t quite got a clue on exactly how they are going to do it.
Also, the Dean finally returns after getting trounced by the Denarian many sessions ago. He’s furious that no one bothered to help me get back to his newly reconstructed home. The party was neck deep in research. There’s some arguing and finger pointing. Artie finally admits to the Dean that he’s tired of being a Apprentice and wants to go full Wizard. (We’ll probably take care of that next session). The Dean also explains the other missing artifact from the Warehouse of Evil Magical Items. We’ve gone to calling it the Soul Box. A little box that traps souls. The party is planning on using it for their con on the Winter Court. That is if they manage to find it.
The other major problem that they faced was Lydia’s (The White Court Matron) kidnapping by the Denarian/Caspar (her son). At first they really didn’t care and figured that White Court would take care of their own. But then they realized that the White Court might be their allies but their internal politics aren’t that nice. If they want to continue to have them as allies they’ll need to get Lydia back to keep a less friendly person from taking over the White Court.
It was a pretty much cut and dried rescue. A little thaumaturgy to locate then a quick charge in the front door as distraction and a small team sneaks in for the actual rescue. It was a really quick fight and the PC’s were unscathed. The Denarian conceded really fast (almost too fast). Of course, he did leave them a little surprise. Lydia wired up to a bomb. They smartly look at mundanely first. Very primitive but thanks to a little exposition, they realize that it’s set to go off if somebody hexes it. The wizards slowly step away. A quick roll and the bomb is done. It looks like the group rescued Lydia. And that’s where the session ended.
Like I said earlier, every body has been out of it thanks to all sorts of stuff. But next session is going to prove to be interesting.

Aug 262013

We got get into our Dresden Files game a bit last Friday. We were down a player and we started really late but things moved ahead and I have the feeling many things will start happening rapidly.
The session starts of with the characters interrogating Groucho the Goblin. Needless to say, they don’t get very far. Groucho isn’t that bright and really doesn’t know that much so the party turns him back over to the Erlking as agreed. Then they ask their three questions of him. Once again, they don’t as much information as they would like but they do learn that in order to get Puck out of the collective hair of the city, they required the aid one of the fairy courts to perform two rituals. Plus at least the cooperation of the other court. No easy task. One, the Ritual of Calling. This basically will summon Puck and let any negotiations begin. The Second. The Rite of Transfer. Basically, this will give the power of the city to one faction and take Puck out of the picture.
With this new found knowledge, they head off to visit Trudy (The Winter Court Emissary). They ask what the Winter Court would want and Trudy hauls out a huge ancient tome and says, “Here’s our list.” The characters start going through the book and find all sorts of rather unpleasant options like allowing the Winter Court trolls to control all of the major bridges in town. All the first born children of the city for a year. The services of a Wizard for a year and a day. And the list goes on. Alex finds one and volunteers to to pay that price. And what is it? His first born child. Note: We ended last session with the little plot declaration that while Alex was possessed by the Denarian, said Denarian sowed his wild oats a bit. So in this case, the player knew but the character didn’t. Hehe.
The group decides the best thing they can do is get every together. They decide to do this at a Halloween party in the park. They finally enlist the aide of Lydia Van Der Hausen (The White Court Matron/Socialite) to the planning and the legwork. The party goes off with very few hitches or anything really dramatic happening…
until the band stops playing and there’s a huge pop. Standing on stage is Caspar Van Der Hausen (Lydia’s matricidal son whose been Puck’s prisoner). He’s got an evil gleam in his eye and Lydia by the throat. “It’s me. I’m back!” Alex shudders and recognizes the voice. It isn’t Caspar but the Denarian. (When the party rescued Alex from the Denarian, The Dude gave Puck the coin. They knew that this decision would come back and haunt them.) “I got couple of announcements. One this meat suit is kind annoying so to shut him up, I’m taking this bitch. Oh, and Alex. We’re going to be daddy’s!” The entire area is plunged into darkness. They take a moment to calm every one down and take stock of their situation. Needless to say, the wind has been taken out the party and it starts to break up.
The group thinks for a bit and Artie agrees to do a little thaumaturgy to see if they can figure out who the mother is. It doesn’t take long. The mom is Sissy, Puck’s crazy fairy knight. Things just got a lot more complicated.
And like I said at the beginning. We started late and therefore it was a short session. But we’ll picking up in the middle of things next time.
And one more thing. I just found out about Night Light. A really awesome looking Dresden Files fan film. Really check it out the trailer and this one scene. I think it’s supposed be done sometime in late September.

And this scene is classic Dresden.