Geek Culture Is Dead! Long Live Geek Culture!

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Jan 062011

Appears Patton Oswalt has stirred up a bit of a geek shit storm over a little column at Some folks just aren’t happy hearing that geek culture is pretty much screwed.
I don’t think so. Here’s the deal. Geek culture has come a long way from those dark early days. Today, geek is chic. Nerd is cool. And the problem is that some of you out there are just fucking posers. We thank you for hedging the demographic in the eyes of advertisers and marketing teams. We thank you for increasing the box office take of the good geeky movies. We really aren’t that thankful for all that cheap plastic Chinese shit cluttering the store shelves. But you are just camp followers. Hangers On. Wannabes. You are posers. You are noise and we are sound.
True geeks will endure. We will adapt to the information age. We’ve dreamed about it for years and we are ready. Maybe I need to take my geekiness up to 11 now and then in order to still feel clean but it’s worth it. I am geek. I am nerd. Always have been. And always will be.
Be Geek. Be Proud. And most importantly, be yourself. We will endure.