Feb 072013

It’s been out long enough and I’ve messed around with it long enough that I can safely say< "I like it."
I totally admit that I am probably one of the most casual of players. Maybe a couple of hours a week. Group when needed and I tend to avoid getting wrangled into a guild. I just like sitting back, adventuring and enjoying the world and what random craziness just might be happening where I am. So yeah, it's like the perfect game for my style of play.
Oh yeah and that whole Tank, DPS, Healer, Controller shit. Well, I don't even like it in my video games. So none of that makes it more fun. And as you could probably tell by the brief description of my style, I like to solo. Once again, it's a cool game for that.
And I know by some standards that Guild Wars 2 could be considered an old game. But crap, the crew at Areanet is putting out extra stuff. So I'm pretty sure that there's still plenty of longevity and content for this game. And no damned subscription fees. Take that Blizzard.

Sep 032012

I’ve been grinding through Guild Wars 2. I know I don’t often talk about video games here. Not that I don’t like them it’s just that I don’t get the chance to play them as often as I would like. Plus, it’s rare that one come along that I feel is worth both my time and dollars.
So far there’s been a few technical hiccups at the start (still better than some of the crashes with Blizzard on release days). And incredibly there’s already gold farmers, douche bags and phishing for accounts. The good news is that Arenanet has done a pretty good job of cracking down on the crap.
But this post isn’t about that stuff. It’s about having fun! So compared to WoW, here’s what’s cool. The Dynamic Events and Questing. No running around collecting 12 wolf pelts then run back. Just do the crap. The events are just stuff that happens. You don’t have to sit there. Gather a group. Wait for some guy to travel across the map so you can finally do something. Scaling. Hey, it doesn’t matter that you’ve got a few levels under our belt. It’s easy to run over to one of the other race’s starting areas and adventure away. And you can still have some challenge and drops that aren’t total trash.
Now, I haven’t messed with the auction house or World vs World combat yet but that’s next on my to do list. Mostly, the WvW. I never was one who enjoyed crafting and cornering the market on something. It’s just too much like job. So along with all the other crap I’m trying to do. I’m just going to carve out a little for some R&R in GW2.
Oh, and the best thing. But the game and no subscription.

Aug 242012

I don’t often get this fired up about an MMORPG. But everything I’ve read over the last year or so has been really, really cool. So I took the plunge and pre-purchased it like probably so many others.
My awesome plan is to dedicate the bulk of this weekend to play the hell out that game. I know that there’s a damn good chance that there’s going to be all sorts of server hiccups and possibly other bumps in the road. That happens with every electronic game. Either way much fun will had. Little sleep will be had. And I may or may not wear pants.