Red State: Not Exactly What Would You Expect

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Feb 232012

This ain’t exactly what you expect from Kevin Smith. It isn’t Jay and Silent Bob or any thing like that. This is pretty hard core tale of terror based around the kind of crap your average American hears or has to deal with just about every day.
A trio of high school boys end up getting kidnapped by a bible-thumping doomsday cult (God hates queers and everybody but us types. You know.) and get caught up in a botched ATF raid. This isn’t like Saw or Hostel. This is much more in your face and realistic. That’s the part that makes it pick at the back of your brain. It’s not far fetched or outlandish. You could see something like this be on the evening news.
Now it sound like that would be boring and there is one hell of a lot talking though out the movie but bits of that unique Silent Bob sense of humor pop up now and then in the dialog. John Goodman plays the burned out bureaucrat fantastically. And Micheal Parks is darned right scary because you know that there really are folks like that out there. Might I also add that this throws in punch in the nose to post 9/11 mentality.
So if you’re looking for a disturbingly realistic thriller then go for it. If you’re for Jay and Silent Bob Vs Fred Phelps then not so much. It’s still a damned good movie.

Recommendation: Buy it if you can afford it.