Sep 262015

As you know I’ll do a shout to a Kickstarter now and then. This one is special. Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure.
Not only is it old school or more specifically Dungeon Crawl Classics, but it’s darned right scary. Well, how do I know? Well, first I’ve Mike “Wrath of Zombie” Evans for quite a while now and he’s a pretty wild and cool guy. Just check out his blog and yes there is more about Hubris there.
But also I helped play test this bad boy. Hubris is fun and keeps to the Dungeon Crawl Classic theme of “You’re no hero.” Life is tough. The world is unforgiving. And it’s a blast. A deadly weird freaky nasty blast. This ain’t elves and dwarves reskinned. To put it bluntly, the world is a bad place. Hubris will chew you up and shit you out then chew up again.
There’s a damned good creative team backing this up too. Check that list out on the Kickstarter. There’s some grad A talent there. Just watch pretty moving pictures.

Like I said, check it out.

May 022014

I may be broke as heck and not playing all that much Savage Worlds at the moment but that ain’t gonna stop me from plugging what looks like a pretty cool Kickstarter for Savage Worlds.
Guild of Shadows is a dark fantasy setting focused around thieves. Heck who doesn’t like Thieves World or Lankhmar. I know this little grognard does. Heck, I’ve spawned a lot of ideas from just those two sources. This looks to be a great setting and could be easily used as source book for more larcenous characters. That’s one of the neat things about Savage Worlds. You can twist and tweak things between all the settings and source books out there.
So if you’re a Savage World fan just go check it out. Consider it. And do what you will.
Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’m getting an early start on my weekend.

Sep 052012

Another Kickstarter project is counting down. This one is for a third Gamers movie. They’ve made their goal but the bucks the cool stuff. You know the drill.

If you haven’t seen the first two or Journey Quest or Dead Camper Lake/Demon Hunters then you should. Hell, there’s even an RPG for Demon Hunters.
So here’s the trailer made at this year’s Gencon.

So here’s a bunch more tibdits if that wasn’t enough.

And just in case you wanted to become a Demon Hunter. Here’s a training video to get you started.
The trailer for Dorkness Rising.
This was actually the first trailer for Dorkness Rising.
And finally the trailer for the movie that started the craziness.
Jul 092012

So many Kickstarter Projects, so little money. But here’s another cool one because you can have too many maps.

Yeah, I know. There are lots and lots of places to get maps and tiles and so forth. These are going to be done by Jared Blando who does some fantastic maps and great artwork.
The goal is for four encounter area maps. I’m talking big poster sized maps of locations that could be used multiple times. Heavy duty lamentation to make them Mountain Dew proof. Also a great selling point.
Rolled not folded. This is an OK point. It’s Murphy’s Law of using miniatures that somebody always ends up on the crease. And the person who ends up there also has the most unbalanced miniature. They fall over. Admit you’ve been there. But I’ve also had similar problems with rolled maps and scrounging for a few hefty objects to hold down the corners. In my little gaming group, we’ve gotten some cheap poster frames and just mounted those bid maps that way.
And speaking of big. 24 x30 inches. OK in standard game scale, that would tally up to 120 x 150 feet. They should still be room on most gaming tables for these.
These little babies are on the shopping list and as soon as that next pay check hits the bank…
And as a final note and disclosure: Trent from Encounter Maps contacted me about his project before I discovered it. And yes, I’m getting a little a freebie.