Feb 082011

With the party still sitting safely at first level, we headed out into the woods. It’s only the second session and the bad thing we’ve noted is that it feels a little like an MMO right now. Collect the quests and head off into the wilderness. I don’t blame the DM. I know him and have faith.
Another thing that played a big part of the session was Aspects. As a mentioned before, we’re using that idea from FATE and applied it to Pathfinder. It’s been a blast! We feel like we’re actually telling a story with all the quirks and foibles of the characters. Now on to the good parts!
“Why did it have to fairies?”
That’s my half orc’s Trouble. I entertained the rest of party by being the victim of a long string of fairy pranks. The highlight prank was a little illusion that caused me to sink my great ax deep into a tree trunk. Oh yeah. And path of said ax took it right through a hornet’s nest. The ranger tossed an alchemist’s fire into the hive. That took care of half the swarm. The insane cavalier spent the encounter attack the monstrous tree creature that had a hornet-spewing breath weapon. Being a tough and burly half orc, I took care of the rest of the hornets with another alchemist’s fire. Detonated at my feet. On purpose. The rest of the party managed to appease or at least make friends with our fae pranksters.
To continue with our fairy problems, we get involved with a conflict between some Mites and Kobolds. I suggested we slaughter the Mites. That was nixed. I suggested we buy a bunch of cold iron weapons and form a Kobold army. They didn’t like that idea either. We bribed our way through the Mite lair with hand fulls of “shinys” and convinced the Mite leader we would take care of the Kobolds. So we find the Kobolds. Once again, we talk our way into their lair. Which was a good thing because I still want a Koblod army and the place was riddled with traps and we don’t have a rogue. We return a sacred statue to the Kobolds and convince them to leave the area and go hunting down some Gnomes. The Gnomes were another adventuring party we met during the first session. They weren’t evil. We just didn’t like them. So that the heck.
The final “fairy tale” involves our first encounter with the Mites. You have to understand that our cavalier is insane. He has a “magical chalice” which makes “magic holy water”. The water burns evil things. In reality, a lot stuff and people just get wet. The party captures a Mite and and starts questioning the little guy. The cavalier keeps dumping water on the guy and asking, “Are you evil?” I opine, “Hey, how come he can waterboard them but I can’t kill them?”
“Never Solo Aggro the Boss”
Another highlight of the session was our hunt for a gang of bandits. The situation boiled down to this. We were attempting to take out a sentry who was literally up a tree when the boss and reinforcements arrived and were peppering the party with missile weapons from behind a thicket. I charged through the thicket. The Boss Bandit drops me with one hit. Next round, the fighter charges through the thicket. The Boss Bandit drops him in one round. The rest of the party makes it through the thicket. The cavalier goes down but before setting his warhorse to kill. It managed to viciously bite a bandit to death. The ranger and Elf Wizard bravely and barely finish off the remaining bandits and the boss. The DM did declare that the area was considered difficult terrain due the number of unconscious player characters on the ground.