Aug 192013

I admit it one of my favorite comics was Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg.
So when searching for fun stuff for inspiration for Machinations of the Space Princess eventually my wandered back to that comic. While most things were pretty much tongue in cheek, sexy, sleazy and a little cyberpunkish, there’s one thing I remembered that would be just right to throw in or at least my interpretation of it.
The .666 Antichrist Automatic:
Damage: d10
Rang: Medium
Ammo Save: 12
Price: 475 gp
Extras: Armor Defeating, Viscous, Reduced Capacity

See it’s pretty damned simple and didn’t take a lot time or tweaking or anything like that. That’s one of the cool features about this game. Lots of options that are really simple to implement. And might I mention you can get it on Drivethrurpg and a dead tree version on Lulu. And if want to be even more patient it should be hitting distribution soon through Chronicle City.