Feb 112013

Remember last week’s blow up with Games Workshop and “Space Marine” and it’s resolution. Good. But here’s the problem. The Internet has a very short attention span.
Let’s face it. Games Workshop has pulled similar crap in the past and well pretty much nothing long term has happened. The same is true for the any other trademark bully. There’s a quick blow up on the Internet. Things change a bit in one situation then it everything goes quiet until the next incident.
So this I say to you citizens of the Internet. Do not forget the tale of the space marine. M.C.A. Hogarth has Spots the Space Marine back up on Amazon. That is a victory. But how long before something like this happens again?
Creators have every right to protect their IP. But attempting to trademark common terms and then going after much smaller content producers is just wrong. As a consumer there’s not much you can do other than vote with your wallet and raise your tiny fist in anger. So remember the space marine.