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While I may be able to afford to back every Kickstart I want to, I try to keep with what’s going. This one totally slipped by me but I grabbed it up on Drivethrurpg.
hangingcoffins Now I’m not sure this is also an homage to Palace of the Vampire Queen but heck you could tie it in if you wanted.
The Hanging in Coffins of the Vampire Queen is a module designed for OSRIC (which means you can easily convert to the retro-clone of your choice) for 10th thru 14th level characters. It’s good to see a module for high level characters.
This is an old-school killer dungeon. I can see a player saying, “We should have played something easy like Tomb of Horrors.” There’s killer encounters, nasty traps, a little bit of off beat humor, and a riddle or two thrown in there. Tons of treasure for those poor souls who try take it. Did I mention killer encounters? There’ll be lots of hacking and slashing just for the player characters to survive. If you happen to like Liberation of the Demon Slayer then you’ll probably like The Hanging Coffins too.
The basic premise: The Vampire Queen has captured the party. If they can survive her dungeon then they can escape. That’s the standard hook. But have you ever tried to capture a party of adventures alive. Those murder hobos won’t give up anything and would rather die than get captured. But smart DM’s can work around that. Because dang. The Vampire Queen seems like a pretty cool villain to throw into a world and cause all sorts of mayhem. So put in the world and let the party wander where they may. Of course, warped and twisted DM’s might find way to do a little tweaking and just maybe create a tie-in with say, Death Frost Doom. Remember you don’t have to use the rules as written and you certainly don’t have run modules that way.
For the product itself,and take note PDF publishers. I really liked that there was also a separate PDF of the map. It so much easier to reference things on PDF that way. OK? Now I’ll admit there were a couple little editing errors here and there. That’s no biggie for me. But I did find the map seemed to number in an almost random fashion. But once again that’s a minor complaint. Now, the art is way old school and just enough gore to keep things interesting.
So yeah. It’s pretty cool old module. Go and pick it up. And should I mention that Maximum Mayhem has started their second Kickstarter?
More gonzo old-school stuff. So go check out The Secret Machines of the Star Spawn. Got grab up that one too for my next little RPG shopping spree.

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